Weston Priory 2017

Some of our experiences, the life lived, the life shared with our Mexican Benedictine Sisters, friends and guests.


The Priory Chronicle 2011/12 – Part 3

This final part begins with prayer and continues with experiences and persons who enriched our lives during the second half of the year. To know more about the people and organizations featured here, please visit the “Photos 2012” page. The soundtrack is mostly taken from our CD “Wisdom at Play”

The Other Side of The Mountain-Part 1

During our Autumn retreat we experienced an incredible gift: a trip to Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, located between Alberta, Canada, and Montana, US. It was also an opportunity to visit and celebrate with the Hovelings, our brother Michael’s family. Come and have a taste of that beautiful experience, and do not miss the next 2 parts!