The Priory Chronicle 2011/12 – Part 1

Prayer, work, quiet, hospitality, these elements are always in our life. But each year they come in different colors. The first part of our recent chronicle brings 2011 back in less than 6 minutes. Hope you enjoy this glimpse of many good moments.


2009-2010 – Our Community Life – Part 4 (Final)

We the brothers of Weston Priory have been blessed to experience hospitality in more than one way: by our guests and families coming the monastery, by friends and communities who welcomed us to their homes here in the US, in Mexico or Spain.

2009/2010 – Our Community Life – Part 1

It has been a joy to have friends sharing their gifts of music with us . We now share the experience with you: a percussion workshop with Steve Leicach, guitar and prayer with Brian M. Suderman (, strings and classical music with a group from Okemo Young Artists… it is all there, and it is all good!