The Other Side of The Mountain – Final Part

In the third video of this series, among other features, we share a family celebration at Lake Tie, Britsh Columbia, and a day trip to Many Glacier, Montana, where beautiful lakes, mountains welcomed us and…grizzily bears surprised us.


3 thoughts on “The Other Side of The Mountain – Final Part

  1. So beautiful…thank you so much for sharing! My question is: which one of the brothers put the bell on the bear?! With peace and many blessings, Cara Hochhalter

  2. Hello there Brothers ! It was heart warming to see you all about in the wonder of God’s creation.
    Rich Meyers ( visitor from last summers retreat)

  3. I watch one of your videos or listen to the brothers songs every morning, just to see your faces, and here your voices. It reminds me of my time at the priory, and all the love, peace, and joy I received on my visit there. I was so blessed, to be able to spend holy week of 2017, at the priory, with my beloved aunts Sr.Alice Wheeler, and Susan Burke. The love that shined on us all, will never be forgotten. I may be in New York every morning, but my spirit is in Weston. Thank you for the pictures and videos, but most of all for the love….💚 Maureen Ryan

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